TV Voice Pro Headset Features.

TV Voice Pro wireless headset combines additional features to assist those with any level of hearing loss. These features include, Individual Volume Control up to 120 dB, Lithium Ion- Rechargeable function, Balance Control, TALK Function and Volume Regulating Technology.

Individual Volume Control

TV Voice Pro is equipped with a powerful volume control system, allowing a large range of volume up to 120 decibels. This range makes the device suitable for those with any level of hearing loss, from mild to severe. The volume is set by the user to their preferred level, and will not adjust or affect the television volume for others in the room, meaning that the entire family can listen to TV at their own volume. The TV can even be muted, allowing others to sleep, or not be disturbed by telelvision audio.

Recharging Lightweight Headset

TV Voice Pro wireless headset has been designed as an ultralight, simple to use TV device. Light-weight materials and Nano processing technology has enabled the creation of a headset which weighs just 70 grams. Comfort earpieces allow the user to wear the headset for long periods of time without the discomfort that is caused by regular earphones. The headset has a flexible arm on each side allowing it to fit any head size comfortably.

 TV Voice Pro Balance Control

If you have hearing loss in one ear only, or if you have one ear with more hearing loss than the other, than the balance control function on the TV Voice Pro headset can be used to assist you to balance the volume control. Using the balance control feature means that the volume of the sound coming through one side can be set to a louder volume than the volume on the other side. This results in a balanced sound for the user.

 TV Voice Pro TALK Function

If you like to talk to others in the room, and watch TV at the same time, then the TV Voice Pro TALK function is the solution. By pressing the large blue button at the front of the headset, you will momentarily disconnect from the TV audio and the microphone amplifier function will be activated. The TV Voice Pro headset will now work to amplify and turn up the sound of voices around you. To reconnect to the television audio, simply press the button again.

 TV Voice Pro Volume Regulating Technology

Have you noticed that the television advertisements are often much louder than the television program? The TV ads are often louder because each program and advertisement is individually mastered for volume prior to being provided to the television network for airing. TV Voice Pro’s Volume Regulating Technology ensures the volume of all TV audio is redefined to one level. All television audio, including different programs, channels, and advertisements will be at the same listening volume.