Headphones for TV that don’t cut out the TV audio for others.

Have you had TV Headphones before which cut off the TV audio for others in the room? Not with TV Voice Pro.

The TV Voice Pro system is designed to allow you to listen to TV at your own preferred volume, without affecting or cutting off the audio for others in the room. This is an important feature, as headphones for TV that cut off the regular TV speaker or surround sound audio means that you cannot watch TV with others who don’t also wish to use TV earphones.

TV Headphones with Low Latency

Low latency within the TV Voice Pro earphones means that there will not be a delay in the audio from your TV to your earphones. Making sure your earphones have low latency is important as without this feature you could be left with what is known as a lip-sync delay. A lip-sync delay means that the audio you hear will not be timed correctly with the speech audio from the TV. The TV Voice Pro Air system utilizes low latency delivery to avoid lip-sync delay.

Utilizing Sound bars and Surround Sound Systems with TV Voice Pro

Whether you listen to TV regularly through a sound bar, surround sound system or simply utilize your TV speakers, you can still maintain the use of these other audio setups while utilizing either the TV Voice Pro Air or TV Voice Pro Original system. TV Voice Pro will work in conjunction with your other systems. TV Voice Pro will also work with Foxtel and other paid TV platforms.  If you have a question about using TV Voice Pro headphones with your existing set-up, email us at info@tvvoicepro.com

Dual use of 2 TV Voice Pro Systems

If you have two people who would like to listen to the TV with the TV Voice Pro system at the same time than the great news is that both of our TV Voice Pro systems support the use of a second pair of earphones/ second headset. You can add an extra pair of earphones to either system at the checkout for a low additional cost. Both sets of earphones will come preset-up to the one system and are ready to work out of the box.